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Creating a Notification

Cantara push notifications make use of the Google Firebase Cloud Messaging service. You will need to ensure that this is configured correctly prior to this feature being configured.

Creating Push Notifications

To create a push notification
  1. Select the Notifications node in the navigation panel. A list of available push notifications is displayed
  2. Click the Create Notification button. The Create Extension Service screen is displayed:

  3. Enter the following details:
    • Name: The name you want to assign to the push notification definition. The value for this field can be a maximum of 40 characters (no spaces). Valid characters include numbers, letters, and a dash (-). 
    • Application Name: The application name that the client mobile application or web page utilises during login. This must match the target application for notifications to be routed correctly.
    • FCM API Key: The Google Firebase Cloud Messaging API key for the registered application. Please refer to the Firebase website for details on how to create and access the server key.
    • You can assign one or more Tags to the service to enable filtering from inquiry screens.
  4. Click the Add Push Notification button. The extension is added to the list of extensions available.

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