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Quality Management Workbench

Quality Management Workbench extends the standard JDE functionality for condition-based maintenance, by associating quality testing with maintenance and manufacturing work orders. Test specifications are matched to work orders according to a hierarchy of rules. Test results are interpreted in order to trigger alerts, update PM schedules or create additional Work Orders where warnings and failures have occurred.


The Quality Management Workbench provides a central point for all operations involved with setting up, recording and interpreting results.


The majority of setup steps are performed within the standard JDE Quality Management applications:

  • Specifications are used to group together tests.
  • Test definitions are the actual tests to be performed and contain the pass/fail criteria.
  • Quality Preference is then used to link the specification to an Item, Item Group, Customer Group or Customer.
  • Preference Hierarchy determines the order of rules to follow when deciding which specification to attach to a Work Order where we automatically attach tests.

The condition-based maintenance message sequences and the alert recipients must be correctly set up as per standard JDE documentation Implementation Guide 9.2 (

The CBM Rules screen then allows you to associate Condition Based Rules (Warning/Alarm) with the Fail or Warning results of the tests performed.

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