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Cantara Installation Guide

The Cantara Installation Guide contains information about installing, configuring, and deploying either the on-premises or cloud-based Cantara Integration Platform.

Technical Requirements

Before performing the installation procedures, please review the Cantara Technical Requirements for the platform.

Installation Components

The installation components for Cantara Integration Platform are determined by the deployment type, i.e. Cloud-Based or On-Premises. The required components for each environment are indicated in the table below.
ComponentCloud-Based DeploymentOn-Premises Deployment
Cantara JDE ObjectsRequiredRequired
JDE Interoperability LibrariesRequiredRequired
JDE Connection FilesRequiredRequired
Cantara DatabaseNot RequiredRequired
Cantara Access ServerNot RequiredRequired
Cantara Agent ServerRequiredOptional*
Cantara Gateway ServerOptionalOptional
Cantara Administration ConsoleNot RequiredRequired

*For On-Premises deployments: Utilization of a Cantara Agent Server depends on the security and load requirements. The Access, Agent and Administration components can be installed on the same application server within the same server instance, or on different application servers and instances, depending on your specific architecture requirements. 

Installation Procedures

Upgrading to Cantara 6

For advice about upgrading an existing installation to Cantara version 6, refer to Upgrading from a previous release.

The following topics contain the procedures to install each of the Cantara Integration Platform components.

The Cantara 6 installation procedures should be completed in order as listed below:

  1. Cantara JDE Objects
  2. Cantara Installation Component Folders
  3. Oracle JDE EnterpriseOne Interoperability Libraries
  4. Oracle JDE Connection Files
  5. Setting up the Cantara Databases
  6. Cantara Access Server Installation
  7. Cantara Agent Installation
  8. Cantara Gateway Installation
  9. Cantara Administration Console Installation

Platform Configuration

The final step of the installation process is to launch the Cantara Administration Console and complete the initial configuration of the platform.

Further Information

A troubleshooting / FAQ page is available at Cantara Installation FAQ.

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