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Setting up the Cantara Databases

The information on this page applies to On-Premises deployments only. 

The Cantara Integration Platform utilizes database storage for configuration and scheduling information.

Please refer to your database administrator and vendor documentation with regards to installation and set up of your preferred database platform. With the exception of the Cantara Scheduler, all Cantara Integration Platform operations are handled in memory and thus database performance requirements are generally very low. Refer to Cantara Technical Requirements for additional information about Database requirements.

Database Creation

A typical Cantara installation includes a test environment farm and a production environment farm. Each farm requires a separate Cantara database. Additionally, a database is required for the Cantara administration console.

Required Databases

Cantara Integration Platform requires:

 - 1 Database per farm

 - 1 Database for the Administration Console

Please refer to your database administrator and vendor documentation to create your required databases.


When creating the schema for each database, the DEFAULT CHARACTER SET must be utf8 and the COLLATE parameter must be utf8_bin.

For example:

CREATE SCHEMA `cntr_access_prod` DEFAULT CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_bin;


Once you have created the required database instances and schemas, you can utilize the appropriate scripts below to set up all of the necessary tables and indexes for your selected database platform. 

Database PlatformCantara Administration ConsoleCantara Access Server (farms)
Oracle RDBMScantara-console-oracle.sql


Oracle MySQLcantara-console-mysql.sql


Microsoft SQL Servercantara-console-sqlsvr.sql


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