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Upgrading from a previous release

Cantara Integration Platform 6 delivers a number of improvements, including a simplified architecture when compared with Cantara 5. Due to these changes, an in place upgrade from prior release is not supported.

To upgrade from a prior release, the following steps should be followed:

  1. Install the Cantara Integration Platform 6 solution following the Cantara Installation Guide. Cantara 6 components can be deployed in parallel with previous versions of Cantara on the same infrastructure and application servers if required.
  2. Configure the required Cantara Environment on the target Cantara 6 farm.
  3. Use the Migration tool to connect the source and import all of the components and scheduler definitions. For Cantara 5, you should connect to the appropriate Assur Server instance within the source farm. For Cantara 4 you should connect to the Cantara Access server.
  4. Verify that the imported components have migrated correctly.

Patching an existing Cantara 6 release

To patch an existing Cantara 6 release, the following steps should be followed.

  1. Stop all Cantara services
  2. Run the appropriate SQL database upgrade scripts for your release
  3. Replace the Cantara WAR files that have been deployed as per a standard installation in Cantara Installation Guide.
  4. Restart all Cantara services.

Cantara Access Server SQL Upgrade Scripts

Cantara Administration Console SQL Upgrade Scripts

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