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Cantara Installation FAQ


When I save my License Id and License Key in the Farm Configuration page, I don't get an Activation Key
  • The license server may not be contactable

  • The license Id or Key may not be valid - check with the Rinami Portal.
How do I renew an expiring Cantara License?

JDE Components

Do I need to install new JD Edwards Objects when upgrading from ver 5.x to ver 6?
Yes. A new release of JD Edwards objects suitable for Cantara version 6 can be downloaded from the Rinami Portal.
Does it matter what order I restore the different CNTR projects in?

The order of restoring CNTR projects does not matter. However, there are software dependencies between the projects. This means that whenever a project is updated, any projects which it depends upon should also be up to date. Refer to Cantara JD Edwards Components for further information about OMW project dependencies.

JD Edwards server login fails with error message "com/jdedwards/system/net/JdeNetTimeoutException"
If my Data Access method is XML List, will I need to make configuration changes to the JDE.INI file?

Yes there are likely changes to be made to the settings for maxKernelProcesses, [JDENET_KERNEL_DEF16] and [JDENET_KERNEL_DEF22]. It is recommended you consult with Rinami on these changes.

Cantara Error Messages

I’m receiving a Transaction Error -1004 Could not connect to the server from my mobile app.
  • This error indicates that the Access Server is down. Contact your IT Support.


Login failure with error message "Transaction Error. Unexpected JDE return code".
  • Refer to FAQ entry "XML list output folder reaches max size"
XML list output folder reaches max size, preventing further xml list queries going through
  • Possible causes:
    • Not enough disk space
    • XML list output is not configured correctly for the load
    • Queries are too large
    • Bug in app causing the query to not be fully read resulting in the output file never being deleted from the JD Edwards server

  • Potential solutions:
    • Upgrade to Cantara 6 and use the SQL query engine
    • If upgrading is not an option, then the disk space could be increased
    • The configuration could be updated
    • A nightly script could be run to remove old files from the output folder (eg delete output files older than yesterday)
    • Further diagnostic advice is provided below

LREngine output folder disk space

Sometimes when a query gets executed, old files get left behind in the JD Edwards LREngine output folder which can cause it to fill up. 

This may be indicated by a login failure with the error message "Transaction Error. Unexpected JDE return code".

It may also be indicated by XML Kernel List errors, such as those shown below.

Example XML Kernel List Errors

1688023  Sun Nov 29 22:04:36.817736  lridxindex.c669 LREngine - IDX_IDX - LRIdxCreateIndexFile failed, file '/E920SYS/output/lrj5fc48b740330-0019c1d7-000032fa-00000000000000000000ffff0a0c400a'.

1688023  Sun Nov 29 22:04:36.822672  lrfile.c449     LREngine - PRC_FIL - failed to create a new db file.

1688023  Sun Nov 29 22:04:36.822800  lrfile.c868     LREngine - PRC_FIL - failed to create a file's object.

There is a setting in the JDE.ini file that determines the size and the location of the LREngine output. Example settings are shown below:

LREngine Example Settings


The default setting for the Repository_Size is 20, which means that 20% of the free disk space on your EnterpriseOne service will be allocated to the LREngine folder.

Media attachments object type and sequence numbers are coming back as blank or zero
  • Possible causes:
    • IBM databases do not return the sequence number from the F00165
  • Potential solutions:
    • Use AIS as the media access method
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