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Quality Management - PQ353702

The Quality Management Application includes various forms for Equipment related Quality Management functionality. It is typically called from the Quality Management Workbench - PQ353701 application, accessed via these exits:

Processing Options

Add Specification

  1. Use customer number from Work Order as filter Default
    0 = False
    1 = Use Customer Number
  2. Use item number from Work Order as filter Default
    0 = False
    1 = Use Item Number

Results Speed Entry

  1. Enter Number of sample value columns to show (between 1 and 10)
    Default = 5


  1. Test Revisions (P3701) Version
    Blank = ZJDE0001
  2. Specification Revisions (P3702) Version
    Blank = ZJDE0001
  3. Quality Preference Revisions (P40318) Version
    Blank = ZJDE0001
  4. Print WO Tests (RQ353701) Version
    Blank = ZJDE0001
  5. Work Orders (P13714) Version
    Blank = ZJDE0001
  6. Condition Based Alert Revisions (P1311) Version
    Blank = ZJDE0001
  7. Condition Based Alert Processor (R1312) Version
    Blank = ZJDE0001

Testing Completed

  1. Status to update Work Order to
    Blank = Work Order Status will not be updated when you press testing completed button

Result Overrides

  1. Override to value: 
    1 = Allowed Min/Max Value (Default)
    2 = Preferred Min/Max Value
    3 = Target Value

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