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Attaching Specifications

There are three ways a specification can be attached to a work order:

  • Attach Standard Spec
  • Maintain WO Specs
  • Attach Specifications UBE

Attach Standard Spec

In the Quality Management Workbench, select the Work Order grid record and take the  “Attach Standard Spec” row exit. The application will try to auto-attach Work Order Specificaitons by trying to find a matching preference profile, using the defined Quality Management Preference Hierarchy.

Simply select the desired work order and choose the “Attach Standard Spec” row exit.

If attached successfully you’ll no longer see the “Attach Standard Spec” Row-exit button, and the "Results Speed Entry" Row-exit button will appear. 

Maintain WO Specs

The Maintain WO Specs method allows you to search and select the Specification to attach to the Work Order.

Select your Work Order and choose the “Maintain WO Specs” row exit from the Quality Workbench.

From the Maintain WO Specs form you can add/remove specs by using the “Add Spec/Remove Spec” buttons.

To add one or more specifications to the Work Order simply tick all required specifications and then press the OK/Save button.

If you have added multiple specifications, you can cycle through the tests shown by clicking the radio buttons in the WO Specs section.

Attaching Specifications – Automatic

The RQ353702 "Q35 Quality Management - Attach Specifications" UBE can be run to automatically, to attach specifications to Work Orders. This UBE can be scheduled where there's a requirement to automatically assign Test Specifications to all new Work Orders.

Once specifications have been added to the Work Order you can then record results.

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