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Attach Specifications - RQ353702

The attach specifications UBE is a batch report with data selection on the Work Orders (F4801) table.

The report attaches standard sets of specifications and tests to Work Order for results to later be recorded against.

It's advised to run the UBE on a regular schedule such as hourly where condition based maintenance is use

Data Selection

If this UBE is scheduled to run regularly, then it is advisable to define Data Selection to restrict the Work Orders that have not already been processed by this report. This can be achieved by combining Data Selection on Status Range, with status update upon successful attaching Specifications.

Data Selection/View

Table. F4801 - Work Order

Suggested data selections for the report:
-Order Type (DCTO)
-Status Code WO (SRST)
-Category Codes (WR01 → WR10)

Processing Options

  1. Enter status to update work order if specifications are success attached to the work order
    Blank = Work order status will not be updated
  2. Enter P17714 Version
    Blank = ZJDE0001

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