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Managing Notifications

Cantara enables Push Notifications to be sent to mobile and web applications through Google's Firebase Cloud Messaging Service.

The following configuration items are required to enable push notifications:

  • The Environment must be configured to enable Push Notification Monitoring (refer to Defining an Environment)
  • The Application must be configured with the Firebase key (Refer to the Firebase website for details on how to obtain a Firebase key, and refer to Creating an Application to enter the Firebase key)
  • If a push notification message needs to be sent to multiple applications, such as when an application is installed on multiple platforms (e.g. iOS, Android), a Push Notification must be configured in Cantara to manage the routing of push notification messages. This ensures that push notifications will be directed to the appropriate application on all platforms.

    By configuring a Cantara Push Notification for an application, Cantara will no longer search JDE for push notification messages based on the Application Name described in Creating an Application. Instead, message searching and routing will be managed according to the Push Notification configuration.

The following topics provide further information about defining Push Notifications:

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