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Common Development Tasks

Customizing a Reference App

Configuration Files

Many customizations are achieved by modifying app configuration files. CC6 uses two types of configuration:

Configuration TypeStored inApplication Rebuild

Typical Use

System Preference

(Rinami internal use only)

Xcode build flavor configuration files (iOS)

(Separate schemas, each with its own config file)

  • API Keys
  • Function service names
  • Query service names


(Specific to the logged in user)

Configuration file preloaded into the OS system cache

(Best practice is to load this into the user defaults. Can be locked from editing.)

Not required
  • Cantara Server Details
  • App Colors
  • JDE Default branch details (contacted upon log in)

CC6 Assets

  • CC6 assets, including configuration settings, are part of the system preferences.
  • On iOS, the settings are stored in the cantara.config.json file, located in the Flavors folder.
  • On Android, the settings are stored in the file, located in the assets folder. 

For the full list of supported configuration items, together with example settings, refer to App Configuration Data Definitions.

On This Page

System Configuration File Priorities

CC6 supports four separate sets of system preference configuration files. Each set can contain various assets, including settings, images and other configurable items. At compile time, the app is built using one of these four sets. The chosen configuration set will be determined according to the priority order shown below. 

Priority OrderConfiguration Data Source
1Customer configuration files (highest priority)
2Development-partner configuration files
3Rinami configuration files
4Base configuration files (lowest priority)

So for example, if no customer level configuration file is found, a development-partner configuration file will be searched for instead, then a Rinami file, then a base file.

App Styling

The following topics provide information about common app styling customizations:

App Server Settings

The following topics provide information about app server customizations:

Additional Features

Creating a New App

If customizing one of the reference apps supplied in the SDK is not the required approach, developers can alternatively refer to the tutorial for Creating a New CC6 App.

Several other developer tutorials are available in Tutorials and Examples.

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