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App Configuration Data Definitions

  • On iOS, CC6 App configuration is defined in cantara.application.json.
  • On Android, CC6 App configuration is defined in

Refer to the table below for descriptions and example settings. 
Note that some configuration items are for developers only, and are not user-editable. 

Configuration Item
​Developer Only​DescriptionExample
​pref_api_key​yes​Unique application identifier sent to the Cantara Server


(NB: Not a valid key)
​​pref_api_versionyes​​Indicates which version of the Cantara REST API is to be used by the app.​60
​pref_application_name​yes​Unique name for the mobile app. For further information, refer to Managing Applications in the Cantara Configuration Guide.MyIOSApplication
​pref_cantara_version​yesDefines the version of the Cantara Server instance​60
​pref_context​yesDefines a path to be appended to the Cantara Server URL definition, following the port identifier.​cantara
​pref_cookie_name​yes​If defined, named cookie will be set on the Cantara Server

yes​Currently supported on Android only. Enables location tracking for the app. Updates to device location occur according to the setting pref_device_location_update_interval.
Requires that location permission has been granted, and the device name has been configured.

yesInterval between successive location updates. Minimum 300 seconds.
Note that updates may occur less frequently when the app is running in the background.
​pref_enable_forgot_password​Not currently supported​false
​pref_device_name​yesIdentifies the mobile device where the app is running. This name is used by the location tracking feature, and it must be a unique, valid JDE asset number.​mp01
​pref_direct_linkIf true, the app shall download media attachments directly from the attachment URL.
If false, the app shall send a request to the Cantara Server to download media attachments.

​​yes​Comma-separated list of environments. When the user is logging in with username and password, the app attempts to login to each environment in this list sequentially, until a login is successful.​"Env1, Env2"
​pref_host_name​yesDefines the server name to be included in the Cantara Server URL
​pref_http_protocol​yesDefines the protocol to be included in the Cantara Server URL definition. 
Should be set to http or https. 
​pref_is_bearer_auth_enabledyes​​Send bearer authentication token with each API call. Will retrieve bearer token using the JWT config file.false​
​pref_is_oauth_enabled​yes​If true, OAuth external authorization capability is enabled​false
​pref_lockedyesControls whether any of the other configuration items in this table can be modified. On iOS, each "locked" setting is specific to its current configuration block.​false

yesIndicates that the password included in the login payload shall be encrypted rather than transmitted in plain text​false

​Path for storage of attachment downloads. If pref_shared_storage is enabled, pref_media_local_path​ specifies where the attachment downloads are stored on the device.

​pref_media_queue​yes​Refers to the JDE file storage location for storing and retrieving media attachments
​pref_media_remote_path​AIS-specific path for upload of attachments. Refers to a location on the JDE server.
​pref_offline_applicationyes​Enables support for offline transactions. Currently supported on Android only.​false
​pref_page_size​Defines the maximum number of query result rows that shall be returned at a time​1000
​pref_port​yes​Defines the port number for the Cantara Server URL definition.​443
​pref_preference_versionyes​Can be incremented by a developer whenever this configuration file is changed, in order to trigger a full configuration reload.​0
​pref_shared_storage​Determines whether media attachment downloads shall be stored in a location that is private to the app, or in a shared directory location that is accessible by any app. Currently supported on Android only.​false
​pref_show_remember_me_checkbox​yes​Enables display of the "Remember Me" checkbox on the login screen​false



​Enables the "Remember Me" capability for login.
  - If true, the app will automatically login using the token obtained from the last successful login. (Note that a token has an expiry).
 -  If false, the user must provide their username and password at each login.


​​pref_tenant_id​yes​Uniquely identifies customer, obtained from Cantara server.​123456
​​pref_timeout​Elapsed milliseconds of inactivity before the user is automatically logged out​1800
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