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Replacing Logos and Icons

Development partners and customers can replace icons and logos displayed by a CC6 mobile application, to suit required company branding. 

The methods to achieve this are described for each platform below.

Android - Icon and Logo Customisation


  1. App icons are located in the SDK folder res/mipmap

  2. Create your new ic_launcher using the instructions at Android Image Asset Studio.
  3. Both the background and foreground of an icon can be customized, and the edges can be configured to be rounded/round bordered/square.
  4. Rebuild your CC6 app to incorporate the newly created icons.


  1. App logos are located in the SDK folder res/drawable
  2. There are two logos that can be customized: the login and footer
  3. For tablet applications, the footer image appears on every page, however on phones it is not displayed (due to the limited screen size).
  4. The location and size of the displayed image is fixed.
  5. To change the logo images, replace the ic_login.xml and ic_footer.xml files. (Note that the file extension will vary depending on the chosen file format).

iOS - Icon and Logo Customisation


  1. Icons


  1. Logos

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