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Customizing App Colors (Xcode)

Overriding the application default color theme

Create a new asset catalog called "Colors" under the project Res folder.

In this new asset catalog, create new color sets to override the existing color sets as needed.

To create a new color set:

  • Click the + sign on the bottom left of the central panel
  • Select New Color Set
  • Click on the color rectangle in the central panel
  • Set the color in the right panel
  • Name the color as per the color set you want to override

The colors that can be overridden are as follow:

  • primary: The primary color
  • secondary: The secondary color
  • primaryLight: The light theme’s primary color
  • secondaryLight: The light theme’s secondary color
  • primaryDark: The dark theme’s primary color
  • secondaryDark: The dark theme’s secondary color

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