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Connecting an Asset to RAPS


An Asset needs to be connected to RAPS or it's PM Schedule will be managed by standard JDE E1 processes.

Generating RAPS Cycles for an Asset will indicate that the Asset Service intervals and expected completions are to be managed by RAPS. To return an Asset to standard PM Scheduling all Cycles must be removed

RAPS provides a batch application RQ351200 to generate Cycles, Associations and Cycle Steps for Assets. 

Generating RAPS Cycles 

An Asset is connected to RAPS by generating its cycles with the Q35 Build PM Cycles UBE RQ351200 in Final mode. This report in Final mode also updates an existing RAPS-managed Asset with the latest Cycle Type allocations and associated attributes as defined by the applied rules. 

The Q35 Build PM Cycles UBE provides the following functionality:

  • Processing Options identify which Hierarchies are used to select Cycles and the Model WOs for the Services used in each Cycle. 
  • Asset Service Cycles are created based on Asset attributes selected from the Hierarchies and Selection Rules.
  • Associations are created from the Cycle / Service definitions within RAPS
  • If not already existing, the PM Schedules for required Service Types will be created
  • Existing PM Schedules will be cancelled if no longer used (depending on WO status)
  • Proof Mode to validate the expected RAPS Cycles/Services for an Asset when generate

Sample Report produced by RQ351200 ....

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