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Service Logic

RAPS Service Logic is a sophisticated preventive maintenance scheduling tool used to manage asset service cycles. It allows PM schedules to be applied and mass-updated, based on asset attributes (class, site, classification etc).

The Service Logic module represents repetitive service cycles with re-usable “Cycle Type” elements. Cycle Types define the service intervals for all meters (hours/days/miles) and the sequence of “Cycle Step” service types within the cycle. Asset and Equipment attributes and category codes are analyzed according to a hierarchy of rules, to determine which Cycle Types and Model Work Orders are applicable.

Key Benefits

- Manage PM Schedules centrally for similar Equipment
- Cycle Types with defined Cycle Steps and intervals can be applied to any asset
- Association template records automatically applied to complying assets
- Set model work orders consistently and correctly without duplication or omission
- Configurable behavior for handling schedule adjustments

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