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Development Environment

Cantara Client SDK

The CC6 SDK is available for iOS and Android target environments. It includes a number of reference apps that may be customized to suit project requirements.

To install the SDK and associated frameworks, follow the procedure for your environment, as shown below.

Setting up your IDE

iOS Target

  1. Install Xcode on macOS.
  2. Set up Xcode preferences according to the Tools and Guidelines.
  3. Install Carthage Package Manager (external development partners may prefer an alternative package manager) and configure the Carthage import settings according to Carthage Configuration (iOS). This procedure installs the CC6 (iOS) SDK and required frameworks.

Android Target

  1. Install Android Studio on your development host.
  2. Create a new Android Studio project for your mobile application.
  3. Set up Android Studio preferences according to the Tools and Guidelines.
  4. Follow the procedure described in Gradle Configuration (Android) to configure the CC6 (Android) required frameworks.
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