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CC6 Module List

A Cantara mobile application consists of one or more Modules, listed below.

Select a Module to view its description and the Use Cases which it includes.

Application Modules
Inventory Inquiry

Stock on hand, availability, and commitments inquiry.

  • Search for Items across multiple attributes with multiple search terms
  • Filter Items by categories
  • View and add Item Master image attachments
  • View Item Balance, commitments and availability for locations in one or in multiple Branches
  • Integrated with Inventory Transfer, Inventory Issue, Inventory Adjustments and Work Order Issue to search for Item locations
  • Barcode scanner with intelligent Item Number matching against other Item attributes (e.g. Catalog Number or Supplier Item)
Inventory Transfer

Intra and inter-branch multiline inventory transfers.

  • Prepare and refine multi-line Inventory Transfer requirements, by User ID, and process as a multiline transfer
  • Integrated with Inventory Inquiry to search and select Branch, Item and Location as a set
  • Capture Transaction Explanation
  • Process Transaction with Master Business Functions for specified P4113 version
Inventory Issue

Issues of parts with DMAAI or manual accounting including subledger and equipment tracking.

  • Prepare and refine multi-line Inventory Issue requirements, by User ID, and process as a multiline issue
  • Integrated with Inventory Inquiry to search and select Branch, Item and Location as a set
  • Capture Transaction Explanation
  • Process Transaction with Master Business Functions for specified P4112 version
Inventory Adjustments

Inventory adjustments with DMAAI or manual accounting.

  • Prepare and refine multi-line Inventory Adjustment requirements, by User ID, and process as a multiline issue
  • Integrated with Inventory Inquiry to search and select Branch, Item and Location as a set
  • Capture Transaction Explanation
  • Process Transaction with Master Business Functions for specified P4114 version
Cycle Count/Stock take

Enabled entry of existing cycle count data plus dynamic generation of new cycle counts based on user criteria.

  • View Cycle Count records for existing Cycle Count, showing current entered values
  • Enter/revise Cycle Count entries
  • Navigate to Item entry with Item barcode scan
  • Show/Hide counted item entries
  • Highlight entries with variances (optional)
  • Generate Count by Branch and Item or Branch and Location Range, ready for immediate count entry
  • View or add Item Master primary Image attachment
Purchase Order Creation and Update

Create or modify requisition/purchase orders for stock items, non-stock items and general expense lines. (Kit and Configured items require AIS integration).

Purchase Order Approvals

Review and approve purchase orders/requisitions, change requests and sub-contract orders.

  • View summary of orders awaiting approval by approval route code
  • View orders awaiting approval header and line details
  • View purchase order/requisition header and line attachments
  • Approve or reject with explanation
Purchase Order Receipt

Receiving of stock, non-stock and general journal lines. Supports receipt routing operations and advanced pricing.

  • View open purchase order lines with open quantities
  • Full or partial receipt of open quantities using tolerance rules if over-receipts are processed
  • Optional price override
  • Optional location override
  • Capture supplier remark
  • Capture photographs of delivered items and/or delivery paperwork as purchase order header attachments
Work Order Search

List of available work based on multiple criteria with multi-field search.

  • View list of work orders, restricted by pre-defined filters such as Branch, Type, Status range
  • Additional optional filters to further refine the list of work orders, including asset/unit optionally selected from the asset hierarchy
  • Work Orders sequenced to customer requirements. E.g. by descending priority then by ascending planned finish date, then by work order number
  • Multi-select assignment with filtered assignee list
  • View work orders on a map, by related asset location, with pin counts and related list displayed when the pin is clicked
Work Order Management

Review and update work order header information and attachments. Supports all work order types.

  • View work order attributes such as description, failure description, asset/unit, priority, status, dates, assignee, supervisor
  • Maintain work order dates, assignee, supervisor, status
  • View work order attachments
  • Append first text attachment, including automated audit entries for significant events such as assignee and status revisions
  • Navigate to add Work Requests, Work Order Parts, Work Order Labour/Routing, Equipment Work Order History search
Work Order Issue

Issue and return of planned and unplanned parts/ingredients. Supports all work order types.

  • View work order parts list as open planned parts separated from issued parts
  • Issue or partially issue open planned parts defaulting as the remaining open qty
  • Issue unplanned parts for the work order parts list
  • Reverse issued parts
  • Add stock/non-stock/direct purchase items to work order parts list
  • Can be integrated with Purchase Order Creation for generation of direct purchase parts list lines
Work Order Labour/Routing

Review all work order routing operations including attachments.

  • View work order routing operation details including text attachment, crew and planned labour/duration hours
  • Add work order routing operations with op seq no, craft workcentre, crew, labour hours and text attachment
  • Update Labour Routing Operation Status
Work Order Time Entry

Records both hours and quantities for manufacturing or service work orders. Supports manual entry as well as clock-on/clock-off for multiple resources.

*Work Order Labour/Routing component is required.

  • Record hours and/or quantities by Work Order Operation Sequence Number
  • Record hours for the logged in user or other selected resource from resources list
  • Record hours as real-time clock on/off or retrospective entries
  • Can be utilized with Kiosk and IoT solutions
Labour Time Entry

Record labour actuals for equipment work orders through employee time entry. Supports manual entry as well as clock-on/clock-off for multiple resources.

*Work Order Labour/Routing or Work Order Management component is required.

  • Review existing labour time entry timecards
  • Record timecard entries:
    • with date and clock-on/clock-off times or entered hours
    • for the logged in user or other selected resource from resources list
    • as real-time clock on/off or retrospective entries
  • EDI records created for optional review before processing
Work Order Completions

Capture actual completions for both discrete and processing manufacturing work orders. Includes support for super-backflush and dual units of measure.

  • Manufacturing Work Order completions
  • Discrete and Process Manufacturing
  • utilize super-backflush, super-backflush EDI or direct quantity completions
  • Optional dual unit of measure
  • Can be utilized with Kiosk and IoT solutions
Work Order Creation

Supports creation of all Equipment and Service work order types including references to parent/source work order. Supports attachment of parts and routing information during creation.

  • Create Equipment (CAM) and Service work orders
  • Defaults defined by the specified P17714 version Processing Options
  • Override defaults during work order creation, including parent work order, status, cat codes
  • Optional parts and labour routing attachment during creation
Work Order Acceptance

Present summary information, including standard billing information, for service and equipment work orders. Enables signature capture and geo-tagging for acceptance.

  • Capture geo-tagged timestamped approval/acceptance signature and order details as work order image attachment
  • Add additional comments/closing remarks to work order
  • Optional Work Order status update
  • Optional Work Order cat code updates
  • Optional Failure Analysis integration
Pre-Start Checklist

Answer pre-defined list of questions to check if the equipment/asset is ready for operation. Questions have various levels of severity that impact whether the equipment/asset is fit for purpose. Optionally can trigger CBM alerts.

  • Automatically generates equipment work orders as record of checklist completion
  • Can utilize vanilla JDE routing operations as checklist questions and record results in multiple locations such as routing actuals, supplemental data etc
  • Integrations with RAP Condition Assessment for full featured checklists that allow recording of values, actions based on test results etc.
PM Service Selection

Allows tripping of preventative maintenance schedules from the PM backlog list.

  • Create maintenance/service work orders from PM Schedule definitions as per PM Status update report R12807 or PM Backlog “Create WO” functionality:
    • utilizes Maintenance Rules to derive Work Order generation attributes combined with P17714 version Processing Options
    • Template Model Work Order from the PM Schedule as the basis of tripped Work Order
Equipment Inquiry

Review equipment master information, equipment parts list and equipment attachments. Can be combined with Work Order Search to display historical work orders and maintenance history.

  • View equipment master information
  • View equipment parts list, including bill of materials, stock, non-stock and reference items
  • View equipment attachments
  • Capture photographs as equipment master image attachments
  • Optionally combine with work order search to view historical work orders for the equipment including text comments and other image/document work order attachments
Equipment Geo-Tagging

Register GPS co-ordinates for equipment during work order or equipment operations.

*Requires either Equipment Inquiry or Work Order Management components.

  • Maintain up-to-date equipment geo-location latitude/longitude data using the device GPS location as the new latitude/longitude equipment location
  • User can override location by relocating pin on graphical map
  • Can be incorporated with other processes, such as meter entry or work order status update to automate equipment latitude/longitude maintenance
  • Works with current enhanced JDE numeric latitude/longitude and superseded JDE string latitude/longitude data
Equipment Transfer

Transfer equipment between locations, business units and parent assets.

  • Transfer equipment between:
    • Locations/Sites
    • Business units
    • Parent assets
Equipment Update

Update equipment master information such as address numbers, status or categorization.

Meter Entry

Review and update meter entries by equipment.

  • Review meter entries for any of the 6 asset meters as at a specified date
  • Enter meter readings for any of the 6 asset meters as at a specific date
  • Optionally utilize EDI meter entry for review before posting
Failure Analysis

Review and update failure analysis information for maintenance work orders.

  • Selection/revision of Failure, Analysis and Resolution codes with dependent validation to the defined failure analysis trees
Test Result Entry

Enter quality management test results including multiple samples, comments, and images.

  • Test result entry for manufacturing quality management tests
  • Facilitates multi-sample test entries
  • Evaluation of test result compliance against warning and failure thresholds
  • Evaluation of overall compliance to test definitions and warning/failure thresholds
  • Capture test comments
  • Capture photos as image attachments
CBM Alert Creation

Create Condition Based Maintenance alerts incorporating text comments and photos.

CBM Investigation Update

Update CBM Alert Investigations including capturing comments, capturing images, and updating status to completed.

Sales Order Search

Show sales order information and dynamic picking list with custom search criteria and sorting.

  • Search for Sales Orders with custom search criteria
  • View Sales Order with custom sort sequence
  • Select Sales Order to view Sales Order line details
Sales Order Creation and Update

Create or modify sales orders for stock and non-stock items including advanced pricing. (Kit and Configured items require AIS integration).

  • Create or modify sales orders using the specified version of P4210 Processing Option configuration
  • Add multiple lines of stock and non-stock items
  • Pricing defaults, including advanced pricing applied with optional price override
Pack/Ship Confirmation

Recording packing and shipping of partial or full lines. Supports transportation management for shipments.

  • View items to be packed for shipping against a specified Sales Order or Shipment
  • Capture packed item quantities as the items are packed
  • Process Pack/Ship Confirmation of packed items using the specified version of P4205 Ship Confirmation Processing Option settings
  • Capture comments and photos as Sales Order header attachments
Delivery Confirmation

Record sales order or shipment delivery including signature capture and geo-tagging. Supports automatic generation of invoice.

  • View consignment item details to verify delivery
  • Scan or check-off as items are delivered
  • Capture geo-tagged and timestamped photographs of the delivered items as image attachments on the Sales Order header
  • Capture proof of delivery signature and name of receiver as image attachment on the Sales Order header
  • Notify Salesperson or other responsible person if damage or shortage is identified including short delivery
  • Ship Confirmation of delivered items using the specified version of P4205 Ship Confirmation Processing Option settings
  • Optional Invoice generation
Requisition Self-Service

Review and approve or reject RSS purchase orders.

  • Check for requisition self-service orders waiting for approval
  • View RSS order items
  • Approve or Reject a requisition self-service request
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