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Cantara Agent Installation

The requirements for Cantara Agent installation are the same regardless of a Cloud or On-Premises Cantara installation.

The Agent must be installed on the same local network as your JDE installation. The Agent manages all communications between JD Edwards and the Cantara Cloud or Access Server.

The agent can be installed in two ways:

  1. Windows Batch, a pre-packaged executable housing the required tomcat components for communications. Agent Batch Installation
    You will be prompted to enter the cantara server details during installation.
  2. Installed. install the cantara agent onto a new/existing tomcat instance. 
    Download the .zip file from the Rinami Portal, follow install process: Apache Tomcat 8.0 - Cantara Agent Installation
    Finally you must complete some additional configuration steps to connect to the Cantara Access Server Apache Tomcat - Cantara Agent Configuration
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