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Apache Tomcat - Cantara Agent Configuration

The file cantara-server.xml (5.0.2) or cantara-server.json (5.0.3+) will be created automatically the first time that agent starts.

You must specify:

-Tenant ID (tenantId)
-API Key (apiKey)
-Protocol (HTTP or HTTPS)
-Context (For cloud installation this will be cantara, for standalone installation this will be the context of the worker's load balancer)

cantara-server.xml Example

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<client:Client xmlns:vc=""
 xsi:schemaLocation=" file:/C:/Development/Rinami/cantara/cantara-components/src/main/resources/xsd/cantara-client-4.2.xsd">
    <client:ServiceDefinition applicationName="Cantara Agent" tenantId="100010" apiKey="123" protocol="HTTP" hostname="localhost" port="8086" context="cantara"
         storeCredentials="false" timeout="0" userConfigDisabled="false"/>    

cantara-server.json Example

  "serviceDefinition" : {
    "applicationName" : "CantaraAgent",
    "protocol" : "HTTP",
    "hostname" : "localhost",
    "port" : 8086,
    "context" : "cantara",
    "storeCredentials" : false,
    "timeout" : 0,
    "userConfigDisabled" : false,
    "tenantId" : 100010,
    "apiKey" : "123",
    "proxyPort" : 0,
    "endPoint" : ""

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