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Resource Planning

Maintenance Execution Planner provides a graphical display of work orders and resources available for work order assignment. Both Unallocated Work Orders and Available Resources are filterable.

The following are the Resource Planning menu options:

Menu OptionsDescription
Profile Drop-down MenuFrom the Profile icon drop down menu select PreferencesSecurityPurge All Changes, or Logout.
Unallocated Work OrdersLists Unallocated Work Orders. Defaults to today's date. All unallocated work orders that are planned to start on that day, as well as any overdue work orders are displayed.      
Available ResourcesLists Available Resources.
Filter Icon

Click the Filter icon and enter required parameters to filter Unallocated Work Orders or Available Resources

SaveSave Work Order allocations. 
RefreshClear any unsaved Work Order allocations.
ResetRefresh the home page and load any new Unallocated Work Orders.
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