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Creating a New Xcode Project

To create a new Xcode project for Cantara Client
  1. Create a new Xcode project and select Single View App:

  2. Configure the project options shown below, specifying your organization and product:

  3. Create groups to match the following project structure:

    • The Res folder will contain the project resources, like the Assets bundle and the configuration files.
    • The Source folder will contain the code for our app, divided under the Core, Schema, Fragment, Api, Scene and Resource folders.
    • Move the AppDelegate file to the Core folder, and the Assets, LaunchScreen and the Core Data file to the Res folder.

  4. Dark Mode must be disabled, as it is not currently supported.

    This is done by adding
    User Interface Style to the info.plist file, and setting it to "Light":

  5. Configure the Carthage import settings according to Carthage Configuration (iOS). This procedure defines the CC6 (iOS) SDK and required frameworks.

  6. Refer to the procedure Entity Generation (iOS) to generate project entity classes and the core data model.

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