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What's New!

Enhancements and Changes in Version 6.0

Changes introduced in version 6.0 of Cantara Integration Platform include:

A brief description of these changes is provided below.

Simplified Architecture

Cantara Integration Platform 6.0 consolidates and revises several architectural components. The Assur control server has been removed from the architecture, and the Control API has been revised, resulting in a more resilient solution with higher availability.

Improved Performance

Cantara 6.0 implements optimised request processing prior to invoking JDE services, and improved data caching to reduce the number of JDE transactions required. These enhancements have reduced overall transaction times for Business Functions by 50%.

The platform now supports the Oracle JDE EnterpriseOne Data Driver, eliminating the use of XML List Kernels whilst still implementing JDE security controls. For large data sets, data load times are now reduced by up to 80%.

New Installation Methods

The installation process for Cantara Integration Platform has been redeveloped and significantly improved. Cantara 6.0 has been optimized for containerized environments, based on a new architecture offering full support for Docker and Kubernetes. Alternatively, customers can choose to install the platform by following an on-screen guided operation to set up required components and license details. These new methods make deployment faster and more robust.

Enhanced Security

Cantara Gateway is a new security component developed to intercept and validate incoming network requests. Deployments taking advantage of this option ensure that only those requests that are valid for the endpoint will be processed.

Cantara 6.0 implements a secure access-token framework, so that external authorization servers can be used to manage client access to protected resources.

Expanded Support for User Management and Authorization Solutions

Platform user management support now includes Azure AD, Steltix TLX10, OAuth2 and Trust. The full list of supported methods is shown below.

Supported User Management Methods



Everest SSO


Steltix TLX10
OAuth2 (Including Azure AD and Firebase)

Support for Oracle Tools 64-bit Release

Cantara 6.0 supports Oracle 64-bit Tools. For customers upgrading to the Oracle 64-bit Tools environment, an accompanied upgrade to Cantara 6.0 is a requirement.

Updated User Interface

Administration Console screen layout and the structure of the navigation panel menus have been updated to present functionality in a more useable way. The entry point to the console is a Dashboard which provides visibility of current user sessions and performance indicators. Tasks are now logically grouped in the menu under Farm, Components, Scheduler, Tools and Administration.

The Farm menu group includes a new screen to define Access Servers, including settings, status and controls to manage the scheduler on each Access Server instance. It also offers additional logging features to assist analysis.

Schedule configuration is now performed from the Groups menu, rather than across multiple component screens. An improved Gantt chart display provides a clear overview of the job schedule within a user selectable time period.

Updated API

Cantara 6.0 API supports full backwards compatibility with Cantara versions 5.0 and 5.1, reducing migration effort. It also provides additional error information in response messages, to assist developers.

Documentation of the API is available in the Cantara API Guide.

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