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Oracle Glassfish - Cantara Server Installation

 Oracle Glassfish maintenance activities have significantly reduced. Rinami no longer recommends that Glassfish be used and a deployment platform for Cantara.


Make sure you have done the following before deploying the Cantara Server:

To deploy an instance of the Cantara Server
  1. Log in to the Glassfish Server Administration Console.

  2. Go to the Applications page and select Deploy.
  3. Select the Locate Packaged File or Directory That Is Accessible from Glassfish Server option.
  4. Click Browse Folders... and browse to the Cantara Access Server installation folder.
  5. Choose Web Application as the application Type and check that the Context Root is acceptable.

  6. Click OK to deploy the application.

  7. If the deployment is successful, you will see the Cantara Access Server in the list of deployments with the Enabled column ticked. If the deployment fails to start, check the appropriate Glassfish logs for deployment errors.

Validate Deployment

If you open a browser window to the base URL of the Cantara Access Server deployment, you can confirm that the deployment has completed successfully.


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