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Testing a Function

You can use the Cantara Administration Console as a debug tool to test that a function is working as expected.

The following details are returned when you test a function:

  • Function Request: The payload that the Cantara RESTful service consumes. You can use the information produced here as a template for inclusion in your own service client.
  • Function Response: The data that the JDE server returns.
  • JDE Transaction: The data that is being transmitted between the Cantara Server and the JDE server.
To test a function
  1. Open the Components menu group in the navigation panel.
  2. Select the Functions node.
  3. Select the function to be tested. The Function settings screen is displayed.

  4. Click on the User icon in the status bar in the top right corner of the screen. The current environment will be displayed.

  5. Use the environment drop-down list to select the environment that you wish to test the function against.
  6. Click the component execution button to display the Execute window.


  7. A new pane appears, for testing the function.

  8. You can enter parameter values as required for testing. If you wish to reset to the default function request, you can press the Refresh button.
  9. Click the Execute button to test the function.
  10. The test Request, Response and JDE Transaction data are displayed.

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