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RQ354807 - Q35 Work Order Status Update

This report provides mass update of work order status.

It applies only to service and equipment work orders, and only permitted status transitions are accepted.

Each work order displayed in the report output includes:

  • mnDaysOld (days at status), calculated from the execution date, according to the applicable date setting (see processing options)
  • Status, set to E (with a separate error description), otherwise Y

Processing Options

Processing option template: TQ354807.

jdDateExecutionExecution DateBlank = System Date
cApplicableDateApplicable Date

Blank = Status Start Date

       1 = Last Updated Date

       2 = Actual Completion Date

mnDaystoSubtractDays to Subtract
szStatusCodeWoOverride Update StatusBlank = Next Work Order Status
cProofFinalProof Mode or Final Mode

Blank = Proof

       1 = Final

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