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Managing Variables

Variables allow you to use a single value as needed within multiple requests. When you use a variable, you only have to modify its value in one location.

To use a variable in a request, you must enclose the name in double square brackets, as shown in the following example. Cantara also has a fixed variable defined as TODAY which will insert current server date and time as required. This variable also supports basic arithmetic to calculate prior and future dates.

In the following scheduled request example, we have defined a variable named MY_VARIABLE. We can use the variable in any request.

You can add, edit and delete variables that are associated with a request. Once defined, you can use a variable in a request. 

To add a variable
  1. Open the Scheduler menu group in the navigation panel.
  2. Click the Variables node and click Add.
  3. Enter a Name and Value for the new variable.
  4. Click the Save button.

To edit a variable
  1. Open the Scheduler menu group in the navigation panel and select the Variables node.
  2. In the Value field you can inline edit a variable value
  3. Once done Tab out or select another field. 
  4. Click the Save button to save your changes.
To delete a variable
  1. Open the Scheduler menu group in the navigation panel.
  2. Click the Variables node.
  3. Click the Delete button for the variable you want to remove.

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