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Cantara Network Architecture FAQ

What is the recommended network architecture for Cantara?

Refer to Cantara Recommended Network Architectures. Please discuss any alternatives with your Rinami consultant.

For an on-premises deployment, does my Cantara Access Server have to be located on the corporate network?

No, a Cantara Agent may be deployed to isolate the Cantara Access Server from the corporate network.

Can I use a reverse proxy instead of a load balancer?

Load balancers can be replaced with simple reverse proxies to provide the necessary SSL end point. This does mean that only a single Cantara Agent can be deployed per endpoint, so HA functionality is reduced.

For high availability deployments, Cantara Agent must be accessed through load balancers rather than a simple reverse proxy. The load balancers must be configured for sticky web sessions using cookies to minimize traffic and authentication overhead.

Is the Cantara Agent network location important?

Yes. The latency between the Cantara Agent and the JDE Enterprise servers should be minimized for optimal performance of the solution.

Can the Cantara Agent be deployed within the DMZ?

Yes, however, access to the JDE Enterprise servers, printers and media object storage will need to be configured.

How is the Cantara Agent executable deployed?

Cantara Agent can be deployed either as a standalone daemon service, or as a WAR deployed on a Java Application Server that supports Servlet specification 3.0 or higher.

How is the Cantara Access executable deployed?

Cantara Access is a java web application installed in on-premises deployments only. Multiple Access instances may be deployed to provide high availability. Instances require a common database to be deployed for storage of service definitions, client authentication tokens and scheduled jobs.

How is the Cantara Admin Console executable deployed?

Cantara Admin Console is a java web application installed in on-premises deployments only. It requires direct communication with the Cantara Access application instances. Multiple Admin Console instances may be deployed to provide high availability.

What authentication methods are supported?

Cantara supports a range of standard authentication options from external authentication providers. Deployments can also accommodate the custom arrangements of an existing security solution.

Currently supported standard methods include: 

  • Cantara
  • JDE
  • OAuth2 (including Azure AD and Firebase)
  • LDAP
  • SAML
  • Everest SSO
  • Steltix TLX10
  • Trust

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