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New Customer Signup Process - Rinami Portal

Once your partner has registered your company for an account with Cantara, you will receive the following email.

Click the link from this email to begin the registration process.


You may need to check your Junk mail folder for the email.

Click Proceed to continue.

Enter your legal company information.
Click Proceed to continue.

Enter your Billing Address information, you can enter your physical address or check the Same as billing check box if the information is the same.
Click Proceed to continue.

Now we must register the Primary account, this will be the initial Owner account for your company within Cantara that can be used to login to the Portal and Cantara Console (for Cloud accounts)

Click Proceed to continue.

Read through the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy document.
Tick the Check Box next to "I acknowledge that I have read and agree to the above Terms and Conditions"
Click the Send Signup button.

Registration complete.

Once complete the Primary Account specified above will be emailed with the steps to complete the registration process.

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