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Tenant Setup

Cloud & Standalone Installation

Within the Tenant setup screen there are a number of Timeout settings that can be configured based on requirements of your environment.
If left blank, the Timeout periods will use system default values.

Timeout Settings: Allowed Min/Max (seconds) values are defined against the Worker (*for cloud the allowed ranges are be defined by Rinami)

  • Query Timeout: Min 600, Max 900
  • Report Timeout: Min 600, Max 900
  • Route Timeout: Min 600, Max 900
  • Extension Timeout: Min 600, Max 900
  • Media Timeout: Min 600, Max 900
  • Login Timeout: Min 600, Max 900
  • Report Monitor Timeout: Min 60, Max 600

Agent Definition: Where an Agent has been installed, you will need to specify the Agent / Agent Load Balancer URL here. Where no agent is being utilized, the Worker will perform the transactions, so this section can be left blank.

Firebase Cloud Messaging: If you wish to use push notifications the below items are required

  • FCM URL: Your Google Firebase Cloud Messaging URL 
  • Monitor Interval: How often should Cantara poll JDE for new push notifications in seconds
  • JDE Username: Generic username for the user that will be used to login to JDE to check for unprocessed push notifications
  • JDE Password: Password for the generic user

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