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Setting up the Cantara Databases

The Cantara Integration Platform utilises database storage for configuration and scheduling information.

Minimum Supported Database Editions

Oracle RDBMS10G R1 +Standard +
MySQL5.1.3 +Community +
Microsoft SQL Server2008 +Standard +

Database Installation

Please refer to your database administrator and vendor documentation with regards to installation and set up of your preferred database platform. With the exception of the Cantara Scheduler, all Cantara Integration Platform operations are handled in memory and thus database performance requirements are generally very low.

Once you have installed the required database instance and schema you can utilise the appropriate script below to set up all of the necessary tables and indexes for you selected database platform. If you want to create a single database for all the components you can use the script xxx50.sql, otherwise you can create a database for each component.

JNDI Configuration

The Cantara Access Platform utilises your selected application server to handle data source management and accesses those configured data sources using the Java Naming and Directory Interface (JNDI) API. The user that connects to the Cantara database must have read/write permission to all of the tables within the schema.

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