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CNTR_LOGISTICS - Rinami Logistics

The CNTR_LOGISTICS group of objects provides functions to interact with common Logistic Management functionality.

Project Objects

Special Instructions - Table Trigger

For the order approvals push notifications service to work correctly a slight modification is required to the F4209 "After Record Is Inserted" table trigger.

The modification consists of calling the NQ354305 - Q35CreateApprovalNotification in the "After Record Is Inserted" table trigger event.

Field Mapping for the Q35CreateApprovalNotification function should be as follows:

TK Document (Order No, Invoice, etc.)INBF DOCO_mnOrderNumber
TK Order Company (Order Number)INBF KCOO_szCompany
TK Order TypeINBF DCTO_szOrderType
TK Order SuffixINBF SFXO_szOrderSuffix
TK Status - ApprovalINBF ASTS_szStatusApproval
TK Business UnitINBF MCU_szCostCenter
TK Person ResponsibleINBF RPER_mnPersonResponsible
TK Address NumberINBF AN8_mnOriginator

Special Instructions - Table Generation

Generate Tables:

  1. FQ354101 - Q35 Inventory Transfer Header

  2. FQ354102 - Q35 Inventory Transfer Details

  3. FQ354103 - Q35 Inventory Issue Header

  4. FQ354104 - Q35 Inventory Issue Details

  5. FQ354301 - Q35 PO Receiving Details

  6. FQ354302 - Q35 Purchase Order Header

  7. FQ354303 - Q35 Purchase Order Detail

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